Luxury travelers, jet-setters want more, spend more, and expect more. Koh Samui knows what luxury travelers seek, and deliver it. In the recent years a great selection of global luxury hotel brands, award-winning spas, renowned and trendy beach clubs, gourmet restaurants opened their door on the island.


Designed by Edward Thiele and Pirapon Namatra, the Santiburi Samui Country Club is home to the annual Queens Cup and is an integral stop on the PGA Asian Tour. It is a must for all golf enthusiasts.


We present luxury speedboats, yachts and sailboats which can take you to the most exquisite nearby destinations. Take a private speed boat charter trip to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving or explore Koh Samui by sea.

Fine Dining

Koh Samui can boast an incredible amount of world renowned chefs all working on this small tropical island. Fine Dining is a big part of enjoying the whole Koh Samui holiday experiences.